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Cooking Classes

Culinary activities open an excellent window onto a culture and its traditions. Amid pots and pans, cutting board, mixing bowl and a dash of Spanish, students will prepare gallo pinto, chicken and rice, hash, empanadas and a series of other exquisite dishes.

Dance Classes

With dancing instructions in Spanish, students will twist and turn to the tropical beats and the rhythms of merengue, salsa, creole swing and others. It’s a time for fun and learning.

Visits to historical and cultural sites

In the afternoons, students will have the chance of visiting an array of interesting historical and cultural sites, led by a guide speaking in Spanish. Some options are the city´s downtown, its markets, museums, architectural landmarks, parks and, at least once, a soccer stadium for a game.

Weekend Tours

Among multiple suggestions that Intensa could make, a student might consider visiting the country´s four corners on separate weekends: Manuel Antonio Beach and National Park (SW), Puerto Viejo (SE), Arenal Volcano (NE) and Tamarindo Beach (NW).

Volunteer work

Students who wish to do some volunteer work while learning Spanish should make their interest known to our staff.

Cultural activities

Students who wish to participate in the country´s cultural festivities that occur during their stay, are encouraged to make their interest known to our staff.