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Speaking different languages opens opportunities! By understanding Spanish, you’ll be able to learn more through media (movies, radio, etc.), books, and the internet. It will also provide a competitive edge in the work place.
To really understand Spanish, become fluent, and learn about the culture of the Spanish speaking world, you need to learn it abroad. Our programs provide full immersion that will boost your Spanish Speaking abilities and will place you in every day situations that will require your effort to improve day to day with the help of our instructors.

Academic Credits



We have the flexibility to customize our programs to suit your institutional requirements as well as meet your students’ needs in pursue of their professional development. This includes, among other things, the ability to adjust course content class scheduling, food and lodging arrangements, cultural events and tour packages.


Costa Rica is renowned for its bio-diversity and environmental protection. Intensa offers exciting programs with eco-related activities in the way of guided fields trips and hikes coupled with Spanish lessons.
MEDICAL SPANISH This conversation program is specially designed for medical professionals and healthcare providers.


Created for the business professional with an immediate need to communicate in Spanish, this conversation program incorporates business concerns and the vocabulary relevant to the field as well as the preparation of written documents and presentations.
LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY AND POLITICS Explore the most noticeable moments in Latin America’s historical, political and cultural development while taking intensive conversational Spanish. This program should be of interest of students in Latin American studies, international relations, environmental studies, and the social sciences.


Acquire the key to the culture: learn to speak Spanish while sharing the true Costa Rican life-style in food and dance, through theater, architecture, artifact, talk and tour, where learning is complemented by culture and real life exchanges
SPANISH ABROAD If you have the desire to explore a new country and learn, this program is for you, the young-at-heart, the curious with plenty of energy and those avid for adventure by learning Spanish while climbing volcanoes and surfing the break.

These programs are a sample of the courses we can offer. The students will take four hours of general Spanish lessons in a group, combined with 2 hours of the special course chosen either in group or individual lessons.