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Why study spanish abroad in Costa Rica


Taking a course abroad where the student will continually encounter real life situations is an effective way to speed up language acquisition. Practicing not only with teachers and classmates but also with the host family members in their daily routines and with other Costa Ricans out in public, the individual student will gain both language proficiency and confidence.

Broadening horizons

Living some time in a different culture can positively widen a student’s view of the globalizing world he or she lives in. Seeing how people in another country live and by sharing their daily activities, can develop the student’s social awareness, empathy and tolerance.

Committed support

With more than 35 years of experience, Intensa’s staff is ready and willing to help you arranging details before your departure and during your program in Costa Rica, from course customization and homestays to tours and in-country transportation.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perhaps one of the most exotic countries in the Americas, world-renowned for its splendid tropical beauty, the variety of its natural resources and the friendly spirit of its inhabitants. Visitors will find themselves attracted, not only to the climate and scenery, but they also will find that Costa Ricans are friendly, warm and ready to lend a helping hand to a puzzled tourist.

Depending upon your schedule, Costa Rica offers something for everyone.  Whether you wish to spend your day hiking through the rain forest and gazing at exotic birds, or sipping tropical drinks in a natural hot spring while admiring the explosion of an active volcano. Also imagine yourself exploring Costa Rican culture as you visit its museums and colorful market places, while you are eating out at fine diners.

You can find amazing beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts.  On the Pacific, you will enjoy a dry, warm climate with the most spectacular sunsets imaginable, while the Caribbean hosts a tropical climate with lush flora and fauna and a very laid back atmosphere. Both oceans provide excellent surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. With over 15 different ecosystems, the traveler is exposed to a wide variety of landscapes and climates.